A message from the CEO
innoPath's vision...

"Beginning in 2007 with the introduction of the iPhone, the mobile industry has experienced unprecedented change due to the rapid adoption of smart devices. The ability to care for these devices, and -- more importantly -- the forgotten owner, has led to skyrocketing expenses in care organizations and tarnished brands. In addition, Android device returns, due to poor customer experience, have become a common everyday experience and a staggering cost to our industry.

Our company, innoPath, is the first to address these challenges holistically: directly targeting resolution of NFF device returns, and mitigating the increasing support costs experienced by both service providers and manufacturers. We believe that even more impactful to the industry is our approach to move care management from the historical call centers to the consumer, empowering each of them to take control of their mobile experience in their way. This shift will lead to a much improved experience for the consumer, and will clearly establish a level of brand differentiation for thought leaders in this crowded market. We welcome you to join the Mobie™ world for smart devices, where the experience of the consumer matters!"

- John Fazio, President & CEO